Industrial Communication

Siemens industrial communication production provides high efficiency and reliability.  Clear and accessible communication decisions from Siemens allow effectively to integrate all areas of companies into one complete system.

The productivity and reliability of complex automated systems to a large extent depend on the quality and capacity of communication systems on which they are based. High-quality communication between technological devices is no less important than good mutual understanding between people who maintain them. Often in such systems devices of different producers and with the different functions is combined in a single production process. Quite often the separate production modules of such automated complexes are remote from each other on large distances. Co-ordination of work of this enormous variety mechanism is a difficult task. Open concept of information networks for industrial applications SIMATIC NET from Siemens perfectly copes with this task.

SIMATIC NET is the general name of whole family of networks. Its various components meet practically all functional and performance requirements of modern production: since the bus system of lower level PROFIBUS and network of combining the production areas Ethernet and ending a super productive backbone network FDDI. In addition there is As-interface in the production line of Siemens that links separate sensors and actuators with PROFIBUS.

SIMATIC NET is applicable in different industries such as automotive, chemical industry, power, food industry, printing, transport, mechanical engineering and others.

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