Industrial Controls

Regardless of industry or purpose in SIRIUS family there are all, that is needed for commutation, protecting or switching of loads. The devices of positioning, management and control, registrations of position, serves of commands and signals, and also power modules and transformers, complete this spectrum.

Constantly perfected module system of SIRIUS, offers flexibly combined standard components for switching, starting and protecting. Only 7 sizes of devices cover all range of powers up to 250 kVt/400 V. Individual components, wherein the mutual consistency of all the modules and save, provide the exceptionally simple and quick design, installation and maintenance. For creation of the starting assembling it is enough to clamp spirally between itself devices of the smooth starting, circuit breakers or contactors.

Main directions of SIRIUS industrial control equipment:
1. Sirius 3RV circuit breakers for protection of motors and electrical installations. They are available in four sizes (S0, S00, S3, S2) and is intended for protecting from overcurrents and short circuit of electric motors by power to 45 kW, defence of electrical installation and transformers, for fuse monitoring, for the use in the starting assembling.
2. Sirius 3RT and 3TF contactors (magnetic starters) for commutation of electric motors. It includes magnetic starters and vacuum contactors for currents up to 820A for electric motors control with power up to 450 kW. Sizes: S0, S00, S6, S3, S2, S14, S12, 10. Universal control voltage: 21 - 600 V DC or AC (40-60 Hz).
3. Thermal and electronic overload relays Sirius 3RU and 3RB for defence of motors and electrical installations.
4. Devices of the smooth starting (soft starters) Sirius 3RW for control of standard 3-phase motors.
5. Time relays (timers) Sirius 3RP, 3RT19, 7PV, 3RT2, for providing of a time delay in the switching processes.
6. Relay control of electrical quantities, level of liquid and frequency of rotation Sirius 3RR, 3UG.
7. Relays of temperature control Sirius 3RS with analog and digital configuration for 1-3 sensors.
8. Relay thermistor motor protection Sirius 3RN1.
9. Sirius 3TK28 relay for the systems of security providing with the relay and electronic chains of release.
10. Devices and switching elements of control circuits Sirius 3SB, 3SF, 3SE and 8wd.

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