One of leading directions of Siemens Corporation is a production of equipment for low-voltage energy distribution and wiring accessories for applications in industry, infrastructure and housing construction.

Low-voltage Siemens products optimize the production processes of enterprise, allows to shorten the expense of energy, decrease running expenses, and also to increase general production indexes.

SIEMENS offers the wide spectrum of products in this sphere both for private construction and for industrial and public buildings, which executes the functions of include protection, switching, monitoring and measurement. A customer always can choose a necessary device ideally suitable for the decision of his task. Thus the Siemens Company is the unique producer, offering conception of comprehensive defence with a wide range of coordinated devices for protection, measuring, switching and monitoring of electrical circuits. Recognized as a leading manufacturer of modular automatic circuit breakers the company continues to produce and move forward innovations in this area.

All Siemens products are exposed to the most careful control of quality on the stages of production and tests. The company ensures strict adherence of all specified parameters guarantees to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Numerous quality certificates serve as confirmation of it.

Main directions of low-voltage Siemens products:
-switchgear and busbars;
-protection devices;
-control devices and switching;
-measuring devices;
-monitoring devices;
-sockets and switches DELTA.

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