Siemens electric motors are one of most claimed for use in industrial plants with very different profiles. The altitude of the rotation of such fans is from 56mm to 450mm, housing can be executed both from aluminum and from cast-iron, and power of electric motors is presented in a range from 0,06kVt to 1000kVt.
Low-voltage asynchronous Siemens electric motor is a sure way out of the most varied situations. Application of Siemens drive technology can be very different, but some criteria always remain the same. It is safety during work of drive, protracted term of exploitation and consistency. Decisions which are offered by a Siemens company, corresponds each of these criteria: the system of drives, technology of automation from frequency converters, drive system with decentralization.

An assortment, offered by Siemens, also includes low-voltage motors for different needs: standard three-phase motors of wide spectrum of application and motors for specific cases, made under an order. Innovative decisions allow Siemens with a confidence to declare about advantages which are possessed by their equipment as compared to the products of competitive companies.

The line of asynchronous motors also includes drives for standard solutions (ordinary construction, without explosion-proof or other specific execution) and motors of the special, focused execution.

The main series of Siemens standard asynchronous motors:
Siemens 1LA (motors with aluminum or cast iron housing, with the fan on the shaft and system-cooling).
Siemens 1LG (motors with cast iron housing, the fan on the shaft and self-cooling system).
Siemens 1LL (motors with cast iron housing, system-cooling and flow-through ventilation).
Siemens 1LP (motors without fan, self-cooling with aluminum or cast iron housing).
Siemens 1PP (motors with aluminum or cast iron housing, power range 0.09 kW … 200kW).
Siemens 1PQ (motors with cast iron housing, power range 145 kW … 1000kW).
Siemens 1LE1 (motors with copper rotor and self-cooling system).
Siemens 1PC (differ increased power output and are energy saving).

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