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IFM E60120 Flexible coupling for encoders


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COUPLING 25-6-8-32-KV

  • Clearance-free transmission of rotary movements
  • Efficient vibration damping
  • Excellent compensation of alignment errors
  • Low rigidity of the torsion spring
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Mechanical data
Weight [g] 35.5
Dimensions [mm] Ø 25 / L = 32
Materials aluminium
External diameter D [mm] 25
Inside diameter A1 [mm] 6
Inside diameter A2 [mm] 8
Length L [mm] 32
Depth of the clamping hub a [mm] 8
Clamp screw [mm] M3
Max. revolution, mechanical [U/min] 6000
Max. axial shaft misalignment [mm] ± 0,5
Max. radial shaft misalignment [mm] ± 0,35
Max. angular displacement [°] ± 4,0
The data indicated apply to couplings with the above hub borings at an ambient temperature of 23 °C.
The values of radial, angular and axial displacement are maximum values which must not reach their maximum simultaneously while in operation.
Pack quantity 1 pcs.

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