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IFM ZB0037 AS-Interface motor starter for threephase motors


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PowerSwitch 3,2A 1,1KW

  • User-friendly starting and switching of three-phase motors
  • Reliable overload and short-circuit protection
  • With AS-i interface
  • Reversing contactor circuit for tw
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Electrical data
Operating voltage [V] 26.5…31.6 DC
Max. current consumption from AS-i [mA] 250
Max. current load total [A] 0.3
Integrated watchdog yes
Inputs / outputs
Number of inputs and outputs Number of digital inputs: 4; Number of digital outputs: 4
Number of digital inputs 4
Input circuit of digital inputs PNP
Sensor supply of the inputs AS-i
Power supply [V] 20…30
Max. total current rating of inputs [mA] 140
Input current High [mA] 6…10
Input current Low [mA] 0…2
Switching level high [V] > 10
Digital inputs protected against short circuits yes
Electrical design AS-i
Number of digital outputs 4
Voltage range DC [V] 18…30; (to PELV)
Voltage range AC [V] 110…400
Max. current load per output [mA] 150; (external outputs: Short-circuit proof; reversing contactor: not protected against short circuits)
Electrically separated yes
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature [°C] 0…60
Protection IP 54
Tests / approvals
EN 50081-1
EN 61000-6-2
AS-i classification
AS-i version 2.0
Extended addressing mode no
AS-i profile S-7.0
AS-i I/O configuration [hex] 7
AS-i ID code [hex] 0
Mechanical data
Weight [g] 1855
Type of mounting backplane mounting
Dimensions [mm] 180 x 182 x 90
Materials PC glass fibre reinforced; flame-retardant; UV resistant
Displays / operating elements
switching status LED, yellow
operation LED, green
errors LED, red
The PowerSwitch motor starter uses two outputs to trigger the reversing contactors (motor right/left/off).
Two further outputs can be connected at will.
The messages “motor protection activated” and “hand-held operating panel connected” are indicated via the input data bits.
Sensors can be connected to two additional inputs.
Pack quantity 1 pcs.

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