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Schneider Electric ClimaSys standard cooling unit roof of enclosure – 2050W at 400 V

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Range ClimaSys
Product name CU
Product or component type Cooling unit
mounting type Roof of enclosure
Type of installation Indoor
Product destination For enclosure
Mounting mode By screws
Input voltage 400 V 50/60 Hz
Network number of phases 3 phases
Cooling power 2050 W 50/60 Hz L35-L35
1560 W 50/60 Hz L35-L50
Height 415 mm
Width 567 mm
Depth 401 mm
[In] rated current 1.9 A
Inrush current 10 A
Power consumption in W 990 W at 50/60 Hz, L35-L35
1190 W at 50/60 Hz, L35-L50
Energy efficiency ratio 2.1
Control type Electronic controller
Temperature setting range 20…55 °C
Ambient air temperature for operation 20…46 °C inside the enclosure:
20…50 °C outside the enclosure:
55 °C maximum:
Noise level 65 dB conforming to EN/ISO 3746
Pressure 25 bar
Flow rate External circuit: 1820 m3/h at 50/60 Hz
Internal circuit: 1050 m3/h at 50/60 Hz
Net weight 52 kg
Cooling gas type R134a (0.55 kg)
Type of filter Optional external circuit filter
Protection type Thermal protection: T 6 A
Short-circuit protection (magnetic):
Material Steel
Colour Grey (RAL 7035)
Product certifications CE
Directives 2006/95/EC – low voltage directive
2006/42/EC – machinery
2004/108/EC – electromagnetic compatibility
Standards EN 60204-1
EN/ISO 12100
EN 60335-1
EN 378
EN 60335-2-40
IP degree of protection IP34 conforming to IEC 60529 (on the external circuit)
IP54 conforming to IEC 60529 (on the internal circuit)
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1 Height 46.5 cm
Package 1 Width 50.0 cm
Package 1 Length 63.0 cm
Package 1 Weight 53.0 kg
Unit Type of Package 2 P12
Number of Units in Package 2 2
Package 2 Height 66.0 cm
Package 2 Width 80.0 cm
Package 2 Length 120.0 cm
Package 2 Weight 120.0 kg

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