We are young company that quickly develops in the area of drive technology supplying.  An individual approach to each client in implementing any tasks in the supporting of the required equipment is a mission of our company.  That allows effectively using needed resources making our services competitive.

We respect and value a trust those who are cooperating with us. We are amicable and attentive with our every partner. Basis of our co-operating with clients is aspiration to support long-term confiding and mutually beneficial relations, working out key problems in providing of necessary equipment.

The main our direction is Siemens Drive Technology. It is impossible to search out industry without application of modern systems of adjustable electric drives, which allow achieving energy savings, reducing expenses and maintenance costs. One of the famous leading producers in this field is Siemens Corporation.

We can provide the best prices on DC and AC drives, frequency converters, geared motors, soft starters, starting-regulating equipment (circuit breakers and contactors) and other Siemens equipment.


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