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IFM DTE605 Compact RFID device with fieldbus interface


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Radio approval for USA; Canada; South Korea; Japan; Taiwan; Singapore; Malaysia; China; EU/RED
Note on radio approval
The list of countries applying the European Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (RED) can be found under “Downloads”.
Electrical data
Operating voltage [V] 19.2…28.8 DC
Current consumption [mA] 500
Protection class III
Operating frequency [MHz] 13,56
RFID standard ISO 15693
Max. current load per output [mA] 100; (max.)
Detection zone
Distance write/read head front [mm] 600
Distance write/read head side [mm] 850
Note on distance write/read head
100% transmission power
Distance to the ID tag [mm]
50 mm tag : ≤ 150
ISO card : ≤ 180
Communication interface Ethernet
Ethernet – Internet of Things
Transmission standard 10Base-T; 100Base-TX
Transmission rate 10 MBit/s; 100 MBit/s
Protocol MQTT JSON
Factory settings
IP address:
subnet mask:
gateway IP address:
Usage type parameter setting; data transmission
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature [°C] -20…60
Storage temperature [°C] -25…80
Protection IP 67
Tests / approvals
EN 301489-3
Shock resistance
IEC 60028-2-27 40 g (6 ms) / bump
50 g (11 ms) / single shock
Vibration resistance
EN 60068-2-6 2 g (10…150 Hz)
Radio approval EN 300 330 V2.1.1
UL approval
Ta -20…60 °C
Enclosure type Type 1
power supply Limited Voltage/Current
File number UL E205959
Mechanical data
Weight [g] 645.1
Dimensions [mm] 113 x 118.5 x 50
Materials PBT / PC; stainless steel; aluminium
Displays / operating elements
power supply 1 x LED, green
LED bar display 4 x LED, yellow signal strength ID tag
status 2 x LED, green/red fieldbus interface
status 2 x LED, green/yellow Ethernet
Pack quantity 1 pcs.
Electrical connection – Ethernet
ETH1 / ETH2 Connector: 2 x M12; coding: D
Electrical connection – power supply
PWR Connector: 1 x M12; coding: A

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